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Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 at 9:00 AM - Salina, KS
- Telephone Collectables, Guns, Ammo, Lamps, CollectablesView Auction!

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TELEPHONE COLLECTABLES Wooden telephone booth w/SWB decorator 3 slot payphone; wall & desk telephones; novelty phones (Garfield, Spiderman, Potato, M & M, Incredibles, Barbie, dog); SWB noteworthy wall phones; vintage Princess; Trimline phones; AT & T Nomad phone; candlestick phones (red, white, blue, black & brass); blue & rose bakelite phones; round explosion phone 310 type; 12 US Army Signal Corp telephones; Kellogg candlestick; AT&T/SWB (ashtray, cups, mugs, glasses, putter, tankards, swag, T-shirts, hats, socks, gloves, polo style shirts, jacket, seat cushions, jeans); AT & T holiday globe ornaments; SWB service year anniversary pins 5, 10, 15 & 20; directories: (1936, 1940, 1950, 1967, 1968, 1970 Topeka, KS; 1918 Ames IA; several Northeast KS); 1930/31 Bell System almanacs; toy phones (wood, metal, plastic, Mattel, Fisher Price, candlestick, radio); AT & T, Brumberger toy phone sets; Hallmark Christmas ornaments; Telephone Tammy doll; 8 Telephone Pioneer dolls; Resi-Cast figurine operator of 1950; Tamagawa Telephone On Hold Rest turquoise #9745; children’s Stabo 100 Telefon toy set w/box; metal toy wall phone Baby Bell pat: 2-24-1914; Mattel-O-Phone toy w/5 records; cherry picker truck; charcoal signed Bell Telephone framed print; telephone advertising; glass candy containers; charm bracelet w/phones; SWB Pioneer trucks, keychains, KC Royals clappers; SWB branded Benefit Management, calendar, notebooks, rate & route flip chart; SWB first aid kit; SWB safety helmet bottle opener; SWB delivery van in box; SWB safety cone, pewter vase, hand tools, hardhats; AT&T plane desk set, scissors, tape, paperclips, stapler, tape measure, eraser, pencil sharpener; CWA mugs; Bell System boy & girl big eared mouse; Bell System property desk set; Bell System trivet; 6” Bell System ashtray; model 500 salesman samples; Princess salesman samples; Stromberg-Carlson salesman candlestick sample; MCM phone glasses w/carrier; telephone bank w/music, music boxes; telephone toy rattles; SWB telephone Teletrainer in suitcase; phone related (LP records, wall clock, coasters, playing cards, cocktail shaker, cookie jars, birdhouse, planters, glass lineman, telephone sign, match holder, candlestick lamps); gold toned desk music box & cigarette dispenser w/mirror & lighter w/original hardcase; banks (booths, trucks, metal bank by Mar Toys); paperweights (large glass Fenton, Breakup, Merger, Uranium, Carnival; small glass Uranium, Fenton); Insulators: Hemingray #42 & 17, Am. Tel & Telco, 1971 amber 60th anniversary; gray & blue uranium 60th anniversary pioneer 1971; pioneer plate; NeKan Bell Cu tops, keychains; oak Kellogg wall telephone; American Electric oak wall telephone; Western Electric wall telephone; Emil Moller Horsens & Jydsk Telephon-Akieselkab wall telephone; Monarch wall phone; model 160AR ringer box; small model Western Electric 415H phone; Western Electric ringer boxes; wooden extension bell; Western Electric 202 rotary dial; Western Electric metal wall phone extension; Federal Telephone Telegraph metal wall phone; Bell System by Western Electric oval 202 rotary phone; Western Electric 509W headset; mouthpiece 15C; Western Electric 143W receiver; metal Western Electric 634S ringer box; Federal Telephone Telegraph metal wall phone #40; rotary desk phones 500 model; 685A ringer box; speaker, handsets, ringers, mouthpieces; Enesco pay phone music box; Hummel “Just Business” collectors set w/figure & clock; Hummel “Hello” figurines; Decanters: Jim Beam telephones; Toys: Pacific Bell digger derrick bank, cable truck, service truck, bucket truck; AT&T bucket truck; Buddy L truck & trailer; Pioneer service van; Buddy L & Tonka bucket trucks; Hubbly trucks; other trucks GUNS, AMMO, LAMPS, COLLECTABLES Winchester 270 Win model 70 w/scope; Remington 12 ga. Model 11; ammo (Winchester 270 win; 12 gal shotgun); 5 Motion lamps; Fenton pcs; Christmas tree holder #3; aluminum trees 2’ & 7’; Colortone roto wheel; Hallmark Christmas ornaments; Black Americana pieces; Barbie holiday dolls; GI Joe; Elvis; Cabbage Patch Kids; baby clothes, toys; Autumn Leaf china: (soup tureen, salt & pepper, sprinkling can, cheese shaker, Star teapot w/cover; Boston & Washington teapots; water decanter; Bellevue coffee pot & teapots; butter dish, teapots, dinner plates, candy dish, egg cup, truck banks; goblets; thermometers; creamers; 4 piece canister; flower vase; ice tea pitcher; pie bird & duck; spice jars; ice tea glasses; Mary Dunbar doll w/basket; miniature pieces; many pieces Autum Leaf); Jewel (1995 & 1999 mugs; razor blades; pop); Frankoma donkey & elephants; unopened “The Warren Report”; Mad Magazines & cars; exercise stair stepper; Antique curved glass china cabinet; oak collector’s curio cabinet; telephone gossip bench

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