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Public AuctionPublic Auction

Sunday, July 17th, 2022 at 10:00 AM - Salina, KS
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ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES Roseville pottery (Peony, Pinecone, Cosmos, Foxglove, Magnolia, Blue Thistle, Sunflower); Rookwood pottery (vase, bowl, flower frog); Weller vase & basket; Hager pottery; Hull pottery; Crocks inc: (4 gal elephant ear churn; crock canning jar; 3-, 4-, 5-gal Ruckles; crock pitchers; brown top jugs; brown crock w/lid; Red Wing Ko-Rec feeder; 2 gal Western; Crown crock; blue ribbon crock; blue & gray grape pitchers; blue & gray cattail; brown cows; Sleepy Eye pitchers; Mickey Mouse items; Popeye items; beer signs; comic books; trade cards; belt buckles; 33 records; Little Lulu books; Coca Cola clock; thermometers; quilt; chicken collection; tumble up collection; assortment glass; turkey platter collection; Purinton pottery collection; wall pocket collection; pig bank collection; costume jewelry; necklaces; pictures inc: Lone Wolf, Indian, End of Trail, cow, Sleepy Eye label framed; McCandles Hide thermometer; Toy train cars; 2321 FM diesel locomotive; Amtrack locomotive; Lionel stock yard & cattle car; Lionel New Haven engine; F-3AA diesel engine; 2055 Osa Hudson engine; Osa 2343 F3 Santa Fe Ab engine; Marx cars & windup locomotive; miniature sewing machine; spittoon; sad iron; Hurricane lamp; chamber pot; advertising milk bottles; pitcher & bowl; thimble collection; graniteware collection mostly red & white inc: (coffee pots, tea pots, pans, buckets, bowls, child’s bath tub); platform scales; tractor seat clock & stool; iron water sprinkler; walking plow; well pump; pitcher pump; wagon wheel; assortment of other collectables. Note: We have combined 4 collections. This will be a large auction. Most everything has many pieces in the collections. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards accepted as forms of payment. A 2% convenience fee will be added to credit/debit card transactions.

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