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Saturday, May 28th, 2022 at 10:00 AM - Salina, KS
- BB Guns & Cap Gun CollectionView Auction!

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158 Cap guns inc: Roy Rogers; Bonanza; Matt Dillion; Wyatt Earp; Lone Ranger; Hopalong Cassidy; Buffalo Bill; Gene Autry; Diamond H Kid; Maverick; Pony Boy; Young Buffalo Bill; Champion; Boxes inc: Cowboy King, Stallion 38, Western; 98 BB guns inc: Daisy; Higgins; Sears; Youth training rifle; Toy tractors inc: 1/64th IH tractor sets; 1/64th JD set; several 1/16th John Deer tractors; GI Joe sets; Corgi Army sets; sheet music; 78 records; games; This is a lifetime collection of one individual, it is very good quality.

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