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1997 Chevy top kick service truck Hunter 4 Post Lift Hunter WA480 WinAlign Alignment Machine Hunter 4 Post Lift Hunter Precision Brake Machine Hunter Wheel Balancer Toyota Diesel Forklift Hofmann Tire Machine Tool Chest Cart Craftsman Tool Chest On Cart 6-in Electric Bench Grinder Trailer Sockets, Lug Nut Cover Removers Hay Hooks, Chisels And Allen Wrenches Vise Grips Pliers, Wire Strippers, tin Snips, Channel Locks Zip Ties, Tape Measure, Assorted Hardware Wilton Vise 6.5” Bits, C-clamp, Assorted Tools Screwdrivers, Wire Brush, Assorted Tools Tape Measure, Bits, Assorted Tools Allen Wrenches, Snap Ring Pliers Multimeter /Screwdrivers Pliers, Wire Brush, O-ring Kit S&K Socket Set Power Torque Socket Set Bits And Sockets Sockets Max Power Channel Locks And Grabber Pulley Puller Installer Kit, Cylinder Compression Bits, Allen Wrenches S&K Sockets Standard Socket Set Bungees ,Hoses, Ratchet Straps, Chain Ratchet Straps Hammerheads /Road Safety Triangles Socket Sets Socket Set With Extension Wrenches, Sockets, Bits Crescent Wrenches Tire Gauge, Chuck's, Filter Wrenches Assorted Tools Line And Combination Wrenches Two Flats Combination Wrenches Box End Wrenches Large, And Combination Wrenches Combination wrenches Large And Combination Wrenches Large Wrenches, Metric And Standard Wrenches S&K Ratcheting Wrenches Metric Wrenches Assorted Wrenches Heavy Jack Insert Extensions 2 Flats Impact Sockets, Snap-on Crows Feet Spindle Nut Wrench Set, Lug Off Tool Kit Metric And Standard Impact Socket Sets Impact Sockets And Thin Wall Large Impact Sockets 2 Flats True Balance Centering Pins Large Impact Sockets And Metric Set Large Impact Sockets And Metric Set Large Combination Wrenches Tap And Die Sets Ingersoll Rand 1” Air Impact Ingersoll Rand 1” & 3/4” impacts 1 Inch And 3/4 Impact Large Impact Sockets Porta Power Tachometer And Tap And Die Ball Joint Super Set, Battery Supplies Fuel Pressure Testers Torque Wrench And Two Rigid Pipe Wrenches Pipe Wrenches Torque Wrench, Speed Wrench, Break Over Bars Pair Of Torque Wrenches Pair Of Torque Wrenches Torque Wrench And Break Over Bar Torque Wrench And Break Over Bar 3/4 Drive Socket Set Nine Way Slide Hammer Puller Set, Other Body Shaping Tools Five Piece Separator Tool Set Coil Spring Compressor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Lug Nut Removal, Wheelock Removal Inner Tie Rod Tool ,HVAC Pressure Gauge Pneumatic Tools And Air Hoses, Long Chuck Pneumatic Tools, Air Hose, Accessories Air Hoses , Pneumatic Tools Fairly New Pneumatic Tools, Air Hoses Puma Pneumatic Tools And Air Hoses Assorted Pneumatic Tools And Air Hoses Assorted Tire Tools 1 Assorted Tire Tools 2 Assorted Tire Tools 3 Assorted Tire Tools 4 Assorted Tire Tools 5 Assorted Tire Tools 6 Tire Tools And Hacksaws Pair Of Floor Jacks Pair Of 2 Ton Jacks Pair Of 3 Ton Floor Jacks Heavy Duty Pneumatic Jack And Stand Retractable Air Hose On Reel Retractable Air Hose With Reel Heavy Bottle Jack's One Pneumatic Three Pneumatic One Mechanical Bottle Jacks Three Pneumatic One Mechanical Floor Jack Hydraulic Jacks SAE 80W-90/ Premium Absorbent Flaps Miscellaneous Tractor Tubes New And Used Tractor Tubes Lawn And Garden Tubes O-rings Truck Tubes Implement Tubes Standard And Trailer Implement Tubes Portable Tire Rack On Rollers Hose, Cleaning Solutions Transmission And Brake Fluid, Others Parks, Funnels, Floor Mats, License Plates Antifreeze Various Oils 10 Cubes Specialty Hardware 20 Cubes Of Hardware 3 Cubes Of Springs/ 29 Cubes Of Hardware All Thread, 11 Cubes Miscellaneous Hardware 12 Cubes Specialty Hardware Most All Full 24 Cubes Of Miscellaneous Hardware 29 Cubes Of Hardware, Quick Links ,Snaps Pneumatic Oil Pump And Assorted Buckets Truck Caps & Covers Wheel Weights, Hardware Miscellaneous Tubes Some Good Some Not Sanded Oil Based Sweeping Compound Lot Of Assorted Hoses Lot Of Assorted Hoses Assorted Bulbs Milwaukee Corded Tools Cordless DeWalt Tools Cordless Milwaukee Grease Gun With Charger Cordless Milwaukee Grease Gun Battery Tester And Two Jump Boxes Lead Smelter Fishing Weight Diecast 17, 1 Gallon Jugs Windshield Washer Fluid Three Cases Windshield Washer Fluid 18Gal 3-5Gal Buckets Flat Guard 13-1 Gallon Bottles Flat Guard Four Cases Flat Guard Aviation grease/drum lift Brake Shoes And Shoe Kits Camshaft Repair Kits Service Kit Cam Tubes, Exhaust Clamp Blower Motors/ Squirrel Cage/ Fan Blades 5 Horse Refurbished Electric Motor Assorted big truck parts Various Sizes Shrink Tubing Assorted truck parts/fans/belts Truck parts/antennas Camshaft Bushing Kits 51830024-17 count Tapered Roller Bearings, Valve Break Hubcaps Brake Shoe Kits, Hardware Kit For Brakes Exhaust Clamp, Hub Seals Shock Absorbers Brake Shoe Kits With Hardware Brake Shoe Kits Exhaust Pipes And Other Manual Tire Changer 20 Bottles Of Flat Guard Tire Sealant 20 Bottles Of Flat Guard Tire Sealant 20 Bottles Of Flat Guard Tire Sealant 20 Bottles Of Flat Guard Tire Sealant Headlights Truck Lights Lights Electrical Lot Extension Cords, Electrical Wire, Copper Tubing Lights & Miscellaneous Hardware Crowbars, Tire Tools, Gauges, Other Zip Ties, Hand Tools Heavy Duty Extension Cord And Work Lights Battery Analyzer/ Power Cord /Lights Air Hoses And Tubing Lubricant For Metals, Silicate Additive Various Oils And Transmission Fluid Brake Fluid Brake, Cleaner, Lubricant Valve Stems, Tire Markers, And Accessories Wire, Chains, Bolts Miscellaneous Hardware And Other Shop Towels, Motorcycle Cover, Black Rubber Fuel Filters And Oil Filters Various Filters ISX Cummins Water Pump NEW Filters Filters Air Filters Air Brake Antifreeze 22 Bottles Lift Kit Accessories And Stereos Large Air Filters Mud Flaps/ Grill Screens Metal Cabinet Air Tanks/Bead Breaker Air Tanks/Bead Breaker Pair Of Heavy Duty Floor Jacks Pair Of Heavy Duty Floor Jacks Jack Stands Jack Stands Snap-on 2.5 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack Pair Of Heavy Duty Floor Jacks Heavy Duty Floor Jack Jonsered 149cc Lawnmower Pair Of Heavy Duty Floor Jacks Valve Stems And Accessories Tire Holders/ 4Way /Pry Bar Oil Change Accessories New Tire Weights And Lugs Creeper And Shop Vac Rolling Rack Kart Of Lugs Rack Of Tire Weights Bins And Rack Of Tire Weights Bucket Of Scrap Lead Tire Weights Tire Repair Patch And Accessories 4 Half Ton Dodge Rims One Damaged 4 Jeep Wrangler Rims 4 Toyota Tundra Rims Ford Dually Wheel Simulators Toyota Tundra Rims Ford 17x8x170 mm Aftermarket Rims 5 Aftermarket Rims Possible Toyota Aftermarket Rims 5 Jeep Rims Air Hose Reel And 2 Drop Hoses Air Hose Reel 2 Drop Hoses Mountable Industrial Wall Fan Mountable Industrial Wall Fan Mountable Industrial Wall Fan Heavy Duty Shop Cart Carts, Chair, Metal Shelf Unit Bead Seaters Pair Of Pumps Gas Cans 4 Jeep Wrangler Rims 4 Jeep Wrangler Rims 17x7 1/2 Accuride Aftermarket Pair Of Universal Rims 16 Inch Trailer 8 Bolt Set Of Four Pair Of Voltage 8 Bolt Trailer Rims Set Of Four Nissan Pathfinder Rims Pallet Of Miscellaneous Rims Set Of 4 Good Year 265/70R18 Pallet of ATV tires Pallet of ATV tires Truck Tool And Spring Compressor Parts Washer Pair Of Tool Chests 8-in Bench Grinder Ball Joint Separators Miscellaneous Tools Miscellaneous Tools And Extractors Bracketed Calipers And Miscellaneous Parts 3 tool boxes With Contents Tool Chest And Parts Bin Milwaukee Chop Saw Miscellaneous Tools And Parts Large Vise With 8-in Jaw Parts Bins With Hardware Load locks/Bar Sign And Sign Letters Alignment Hardware And Accessories Yokohama And Hunter Alignment Banner Pair Of Hankook Banners Bun coffee maker Coffee station, microwave Cleaning items Cooler, other Pair of metal filing cabinets Electric cash register Pair of filing cabinets Telephones Microwave A pair of white boards Three computer screens Flat screen TV Four metal stools Shelf, office chair Organizers/time cards Cleaning supplies, lightbulbs HP color printer Computer desk Office chair mats Hankook lighted sign, rugs Mega hammer/bars/iron Composite picnic table Composite bench Tire cage Tote/sign Assorted plastic & metal drums Assorted plastic & metal drums American air compressor 120 gal American air compressor 120 gal Steering drums Brake drum hubs Square oil 55 gal tank Rolling ladder cart Parts bin/ATV misc parts Quincy gas air compressor 30 gal Barrel dolly Barrel & small dollys Barrel dolly 40” Dayton fan Pair round fans, need work Dayton 40” fan Assorted gallons oil Small fans/heaters Space heater/squirrel cage fan Mr. Heater space heater Pallet inner lug nuts/other Buckets assorted fluids/lubricants Pallet misc hardware Pallet assorted rims Pallet assorted rims Two sets 275/55R20 tires Pipe tire rack Skid steer/implement tires 11L-15& 5.50-16 tires Pair 11L-15 Pair 31x13.5-15 Pair 9.5L-15 Set of 4 11L-16 3-9.5L-15 Transfer pump Assorted lawn & garden tires 3-4.80-12 tires w/rims Two 31x15.5-15 implement tires Assorted implement tires 3-35x12.50R18 Set 6 15x8 implement rims Set 6 15x8 implement rims Set 6 15x8 implement rims Set 6 15x8 implement rims NH baler rim/skid steer rim Set of 4 skid steer rims Pair 16x10 8 hole large bore rims Assorted smaller lawn rims 5 trailer rims 3 steel rims Lot assorted implement rims Ford Dually rims Lot assorted implement rims Assorted trailer rims 3 matching trailer rims Pair aluminum ladders Mops/bucket Assorted hand tools Assorted hand tools 2 Assorted hand tools 3 Lot of hand tools 4 15” car tires/spare 17” tires 18” tires New LT265/70R17 Pair 235/55R18 Four 37x13.50R20 Six 225/75R16 Four 245/45R19 Pair 255/60R19 Four 275/65R18 15” & 16” tires Three 225/70R15 7 assorted size tires 16” car tires Assorted 16” tires Assorted 16” tires Assorted 17” truck tires Assorted 17” tires Assorted 17” tires Assorted 17” tires Assorted 17” tires Assorted 17” mud-all terrain tires Assorted 17” mud tires Assorted 18”&17” tires Assorted 17” tires Assorted 18” tires Assorted 18” tires Two pair 18” tires Assorted 17”&18” tires Assorted 18” tires Assorted 18” tires Assorted 18” tires Assorted 18” tires Assorted 18” tires Assorted 22”&19” tires Assorted 19” tires Assorted 19” & 21” tires Assorted 20”& 22” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Assorted 20” tires Pair 285/45R22 tires Four 37x13.50R20 Pipe tire rack Pipe tire rack Pipe tire rack Pipe tire rack Pipe tire rack Pipe tire rack 24’ pipe tire rack 24’ pipe tire rack Stockman’s ladder 1” PVC pipe Goodyear 245/75R17 set of 4 Goodyear 275/65R18 Continental 275/65R18 Goodyear 265/60R20 Michelin 265-60R18 Goodyear 275/60R20 Continental 275/65R18 Nitto 35x12.50R20 Mastercraft 275/65R20 Michelin 275/65R18 Toyo 285/65R18 Michelin 265/70R17 Goodyear 265/60R20 Michelin 275/70R18 Michelin 225/65R17 Hankook 235/75R17 Hercules 265/65R17 Fierce 275/65R18 Michelin 245/70R17 Goodyear 265/60R18 Michelin 275/65R18 Procomp 275/65R18 Pirelli 275/55R20 Pirelli 275/55R20 Hankook 350/70R17 General 245/75R17 Maxxis 18” Toyo AT 18” Firestone 17” Yokohama 17” Pirelli 20” Good year 18” Cooper 18” Hankook 18” Firestone 20” Goodyear 20” Bridgestone 18” Maxxis 18” BFGoodrich 17” Cooper 18” Hankook 18” Goodyear 18” BFGoodrich 18” Goodyear 20” Steel/cardboard barrel Assorted totes/5gal buckets Pair smaller metal barrels Manual tire changing tools Barrel/buckets/totes Pair plastic barrels Pair metal barrels Plastic trash can/small barrel Tire lube/cleaner/Trans fluid Brooms/long cord Set steel rims Large rim Pair larger rims Barrels of grease Two implement tires Three 19.5 7 assorted steel rims Continental 19.5 Assorted sizes of tires Lot 4 larger truck tires Four larger truck tires Lot of 5 tires 10.00 & 11.00-20 tires 11R22.5 & 2-425/65R22.5 Continental 19.5” Michelin 19.5 General 19.5 Goodyear 19.5 Continental 19.5 Goodyear 19.5 Michelin 19.5 Two 235/80R16 Lot assorted 19.5 Set of 3 rims Set of 8 rims Lot of 6 assorted rims Set of 5 rims Lot of 6 rims Steel trailer rims 3 AL truck rims Three AL truck rims 5 assorted AL truck rims 3 assorted truck rims 5 & 2.5 ton floor jacks 5 ton pneumatic floor jack Two sets AL truck rims Pallet of ice melt Six 315/80R22.5 Seven 315/80R22.5 Seven 315/80R22.5 Set of 3 AL truck rims Set of 4 AL truck rims Assorted lot of steel truck rims Large lot assorted steel truck rims Pair pipe tire racks 2” pipe rack 2” pipe rack Pallet assorted rims 1 Pallet assorted rims 2 Pallet assorted rims 3 3 pallets steel rims Tire cutter Six 295/80R22.5 Five 275/70R22.5 Six assorted 10R 22.5 Eleven assorted 215/75R17.5 tires Seven 295/80R22.5 Eight assorted 255/70R22.5 Eight assorted 255/70R22.5 Square grate Lot of 24.5 tires Lot of 22.5 tires Lot of 22.5 tires Pallet assorted truck parts Pallet assorted truck parts Pallet assorted truck parts Pallet assorted truck parts Pallet assorted truck parts Pallet assorted truck parts Pallet large straps/other Pallet of assorted caps and covers Truck seats/other Truck tire covers/trim Pallet assorted air bags Truck chrome pieces Pallet misc truck parts Pile assorted truck parts Ford replacement front bumper Pile truck parts Sumitomo lighted sign Wooden table Antique racks/scale Pallet organizer bins Pallet organizer bins 2 Pallet organizer bins 3 Pallet of organizer bins 4 Pallet of organizer bins 5 Pallet of organizer bins 6 Wood stove Toyo Tires lighted sign 2 wheeled barrel dolly 500 gallon tank Hand oil pump Smaller stockmen’s ladder Pile misc. & scrap iron Lot of 4-620/70R42 tractor tires Lot of 4-620/70R42 tractor tires Lot of 4-380/105R50 Pair smaller tractor tires Pallet racking

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