Why Advertise With Us?

We are the "bulletin board" that buyers check first!

The internet is here to stay - and bidders of all ages and backgrounds now use it to locate auctions as well as research merchandise before bidding.

To do the best job for your clients:

  1. You must have a 24/7 internet presence where customers can go to contact you or learn about your upcoming sales.
  2. You must include internet advertising in your sales promotion budget.

Newspaper advertising has taught wise auctioneers 3 important lessons:


  1. More advertising spending does NOT necessarily result in more bidders.
  2. You must reach the CORRECT audience. A newspaper circulation of 100,000 does not mean your ad will be seen by 100,000 people! Our 20-30,000 plus monthly visitors come SEEKING auction information. They are much more likely to take action on a specific ad.
  3. Auctioneers have learned that the best promotional method is to use small, inexpensive newspaper ads for merchandise highlights, while the internet should be utilized to provide photos, directions, and greater detail.

Decrease your advertising costs!

Auctioneers usually promote their auctions via classified ads and printed sale bills. With a detailed sale bill on the internet, use less expensive post cards and smaller classified ads which advise the public to go to the web site for more information and photos. I can also email your customers, and even provide you with a free email address. Contact me for details.

We'll save you the frustration, time, and cost of web publishing!

We are a successful, internet based seller of reference books on collectibles, glassware, and antiques. We pioneered selling on the web in 1998 when the general public was barely aware of the internet's existence. We publish hundreds of web pages each month - you can depend on a professional and timely result.

Valid HTML — who cares? You should!


Have you ever visited a web page and not been able to use it? Frustrating, isn't it? Imagine your potential customers not being able to get to YOUR auction information! One of the leading causes of web page difficulty is bad coding. Web browsers have a hard time reading bad code, and each browser handles it differently. Often the result is things just not working.

At MissouriAuctions.net, we strive to ensure this never happens. All pages on our website, as well as those on websites we run, are valid HTML -- good, clean code that won't break. This ensures that your potential customers will be able to see your information instead of an error code.

Additionally, we code our websites to perform well on mobile devices so that whether your customer is using a desktop or a phone they'll be able to get to your information without any problems.

Site tested with:

RSS Feeds

RSS Logo

RSS is a web technology that allows information to be broadcasted to subscribers who choose to receive the feed (RSS file) without any continual effort on their part. What does that mean? It means your customers getting your auction dates and information automatically -- without even trying!

All auctions advertised on our site are automatically broadcasted in RSS in two ways: ONE: on a MissouriAuctions.net site-wide feed (all auctions advertised with us together) and TWO: on your own personal feed -- featuring only your auctions!

PDF Printable Sale Bills

Ok, so, your customers found your ad online. Now what? Well, they could read it online, jot down the information on a sticky note, lose the sticky note among the dozens already on their desk, and try to find your ad again at the last minute. Or, they could print the web page (which is never pretty) and have several messy pages they have to staple together.

OR they could open the PDF file on your sale ad and print a neat, attractive copy of your sale bill with all the information they need!

Lucky for you, all text ads run on MissouriAuctions.net include the ad being made into a printable PDF at no extra cost. So, which option do you choose?

How to get your information to us:


You can either send it to us using the U.S. Post office, or send it by e-mail - whichever method you are most comfortable with.


Good photos are essential to a successful auction! Send your photos to us in whatever format you are comfortable using. We can post standard Kodak-style photos, digital photos, or even the actual sale bill provided by your printing company.

Let's get started:

Give us a call at 913-651-0600 or press one of these big buttons. Are the details for your auction or tag sale on your website?

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